Journal publications

Miller, C.L. (2017). Morphological and roosting variation in the dwarf chameleon Brookesia stumpffi between primary, secondary, and degraded habitats in Nosy Be, Madagascar. Journal of Herpetology, Conservation, and Biology, 12 (3): 599-605. 

Miller, C.L. The utility of camera traps in citizen science. In Prep.

Stroud, J., Heathcote. R., Miller, C.L., Freely, K. Complex character displacement: The result of multiple ecological and behavioural mechanisms. In Prep.

Other dissemination of research

Cooper, B.A., & Miller, C.L. (2017) Exploring large mammal behaviour using camera traps in the Peruvian Amazon. British Exploring Society.

Austin, O., Lampkin, A., & Miller C.L. (2017). Assessing insect diversity using pitfall traps in the Manu national park, Peru. British Exploring Society.

Conference presentations

Australasian Evolution Society (2019) - Long talk

Grants, Awards, and Scholarships

Research Training Scholarship, University of Queensland (2018- 2021)                                                                               Small Research Grant, Royal Society of South Australia (Declined)                                                           

Research Grant Round 2, University of Exeter

Research Grant Round 1, University of Exeter                                                                                                                  

From the wet tropics to the dry deserts